Cruz camp insider washes his hands from the dirtiest campaign in his entire political career.  The underhanded tactics are out of control.  Listen to Bill Still’s report on the Cruz ‘cult like’ campaign and those who are involved from an insider who is now coming clean.

Published on Mar 30, 2016
By Bill Still

With Heidi Cruz missing in action, a significant Cruz insider – let’s call him John Doe – started cleansing his spirit of what apparently is a more evil Cruz campaign than most of us imagined.

At the outset, we are convinced that John Doe is legit. We have seen his employment letter on Cruz campaign stationary. He makes north of $3500 per week.
When this is all over, it is John Doe the nation has to thank for being brave enough to come forward. Right now, the only thing that concerns him is that he doesn’t…

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Ted Cruz Possible Mistress #4

The God of Rage

Now, We go to a smaller, not as big Mistress, but has a BIG background that may be of use in this investigation.

Mistress #4: Caroline H. Paterson

Caroline H Paterson is also a homemaker who is a Wife to a Lawyer, Similar to Stephanie Coleman, but Her Husband has no direct link to Cruz.

It is important to note that he is a well-known lawyer for companies and works at a very prestigious Law firm.

Here Are Some Donations from Caroline and Her Husband:


TP.PNG Donations from Caroline and Thomas

Not much in donations, About $11.8K In donations from Her and Her Husband.

For a homemaker, That’s still a lot of money.

Again, ~$51,000, which is the avg. salary of a homemaker, according to is a small amount, So that $6,000 is more than 10% of her yearly income!

Paterson also lives in the same section of Houston as…

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Satan’s Deceptive Theology in the Church – Dominionism and the NAR

Read your Bible, asking God for wisdom and discernment, for it comes from Him alone.

Deception Free

It’s now time to find out what is driving all this madness in the modern church.

Most of these things are not hard to research on your own but I am hoping to connect the dots in this next section. This will bring a lot of what I have been saying in my posts to partial conclusion.  If you are just reading this post I recommend going back and reading the whole series in the “What is really going on in the church?” category.


I was saving this part till the end until I realized that this is what ties everything together. I didn’t realize that it was the theology and leadership out of this group that is directing the whole movement.  I have good reason to believe from the given research on this project that this is the NWO’s arm of control over…

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