Ted Cruz Possible Mistress #4

The God of Rage

Now, We go to a smaller, not as big Mistress, but has a BIG background that may be of use in this investigation.

Mistress #4: Caroline H. Paterson

Caroline H Paterson is also a homemaker who is a Wife to a Lawyer, Similar to Stephanie Coleman, but Her Husband has no direct link to Cruz.

It is important to note that he is a well-known lawyer for companies and works at a very prestigious Law firm.

Here Are Some Donations from Caroline and Her Husband:


TP.PNG Donations from Caroline and Thomas

Not much in donations, About $11.8K In donations from Her and Her Husband.

For a homemaker, That’s still a lot of money.

Again, ~$51,000, which is the avg. salary of a homemaker, according to Indeed.com is a small amount, So that $6,000 is more than 10% of her yearly income!

Paterson also lives in the same section of Houston as…

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