Trump Congress: Sanctuary Cities To Be Denied Funding From Incoming Administration

Nwo Report

Feature 3Source: Matthew Bernstein

Obviously the topic of illegal immigration was something that was talked about for hours during the election season. On one hand you had liberals begging to accept everyone that came to the nation, and you had conservatives asking that a stronger border be built.

Then Donald Trump went out and made his infamous claim to build a wall, and that led to more discussion about illegal immigration. Now that Trump is the President of the United States, his border policies are on the fast track to being approved. However there is still some liberal opposition to him.

Several cities and mayors have declared that they are going to designate their cities as “sanctuary cities.” Those are cities that are going to do what they can to protect illegal immigrants from being deported from the federal government. They thought they could get away with opposing the federal government, but…

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